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Our Product Spec Sheets (pdf)

InterCrate FreshFold Reference Sheet

InterCrate ProBox Reference Sheet

InterCrate Quick Reference Sheet

Fresh Tote 20 x 24 inch Salad

Intercrate 4.5 16 x 24 inch Blueberry and “single layer”

Intercrate 6.7 16 x 24 inch Tomato and “double layer”

Intercrate 8.5 16 x 24 inch Great for variety of produce

Intercrate 10.5 16 x 24 inch Lighter produce

Tomato Tote Specialist tomato harvest and degreening

InterPac 16 x 20 inch 180 degree nest/stack

PalletBox Folding Bin perfect for sea containers


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Ph: +001 604 786 1062

Spec Espagnol (pdf)

InterCrate Gráfico de Referencia

FreshTote Spec Espagnol

Intercrate 4.5 Spec Espagnol

Intercrate 6.7 Spec Espagnol

Intercrate 8.5 Spec Espagnol

Intercrate 10.5 Spec Espagnol

Tomato Tote Spec Espagnol